Northern Territory Project to Strengthen Deployment of Digital Health Tools in Indigenous Communities

A new project led by NT Health and the Menzies School of Health Research aims to develop a virtual care model that meets the specific needs of Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory.

about it

Based on media releases, this three-year project under the Digital Health Collaborative Research Center (DHCRC) will assess how existing and emerging technologies can best be deployed in remote Indigenous communities. increase.

Identify consumer and provider preferences for virtual care and address knowledge gaps in the adoption of digital tools. “Recommendations are based on needs and preferences identified by both consumers and healthcare professionals, with a particular focus on integrating multiple professional groups working remotely. [primary healthcare service]explained Professor John Wakerman of Menzies.

Several organizations are also participating in the project, including the Australian Government Health and Aged Care Authority, University of Sydney, Healthdirect Australia and NT Primary Health Network.

why it matters

According to the DHCRC, the results of this study will help identify gaps in existing technology, systems and processes. Provides guidance on how to optimize existing tools and how to deploy and configure them. Identify and develop new technologies as needed to support improved health outcomes.

Dr. Clare Morgan, Director of Research at DHCRC, said:

“Over time, it is hoped that this project will reduce the demand for acute care by improving primary health care,” she added.

Furthermore, according to Professor Tim Shaw of the University of Sydney, the project will also be used to “determine how digital health can improve access and equity for disadvantaged groups in Australia and avoid contributing to the emerging digital divide”. It is important.

In addition, the results of the health economic analysis obtained from this study will inform DHAC’s national policies and strategies, and Healthdirect will use early findings from the project to develop a culture that can be implemented, especially in video-based consultations. We plan to optimize the service workflow to be generally safe and appropriate.

the bigger trend

NT Health also A DHCRC project in collaboration with the University of South Australia to develop a clinical decision support tool to enable more accurate drug prescribing. It is intended for patients with renal problems, especially the elderly, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

The latest NT project follows another DHCRC-backed project announced in late June. Led by Melbourne institutions Peter McCallum Cancer Center and Swinburne University of Technology, the project An AI-powered virtual platform for patients with genetic diseases.

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