NYC Hot, Stormy Heading into Friday

now: Dangerously hot and humid conditions return today, and pop-up storms are likely.

Next: Hot and humid weather will continue through Friday. A strong front system poses the threat of thunderstorms on Friday. It is not expected to be serious at this time. The rain will continue through Saturday.

News 12 Storm Watch meteorologist Mike Rizzo said a heat advisory was in effect from 11am Thursday to 8pm Friday.

Today – Heat Alert: It’s dangerously hot. The highest temperature is around 96 degrees. I feel 100 degrees. The minimum temperature is around 78 degrees. A thunderstorm is unlikely today.

Tomorrow: Hot, hazy, humid, and sunny. The highest temperature is around 92 degrees. I feel 97 degrees. Thunderstorms are expected in the afternoon and evening. These storms can cause heavy rains and flash floods.Storms are most likely to form after 3:00 PM

Saturday: very warm with sun and clouds. The highest temperature is around 86. Showers are possible. Lows around 76.

Sunday: Mostly sunny. The highest value is around 91. The low is around 77.

Monday: Sun and clouds. The highest value is around 92. The low is around 76.

Tuesday: Sun, then thunderstorms. The highest value is around 90. The lowest value is around 72.

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