NYPD arrests three suspects in hit-and-run incident outside Yankee Stadium

These three men now face a long list including criminal possession of stolen property. So far, only one suspect, 24-year-old Carlos Hernandez, has faced higher charges for reckless endangerment, police say.

All three suspects were in their 20s.

Hernandez was at the wheel of the BMW when it collided with Cathy Garcia, who was driving an SUV near the corner of River Avenue and East 161 Street, at approximately 5:15 a.m., authorities said.

Edwin Amparo, 29, and Atawarda Rodriguez, 28, were in the car with Hernandez at the time of the crash. They were both charged with criminal possession of stolen goods and possession of burglary tools.

Police said the three men fled on foot and the woman was trapped in the car. The three suspects turned themselves in later in the day.

According to city data, there were 33 accidents in the first half of this year in which someone was seriously injured and the driver left the scene without calling the police. Of those 33, only 3 of his were marked as resolved.

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