NYPD ramps up crackdown as hate crime arrests rise by more than 100% from last year

A senior NYPD official addressed the media on Monday to discuss the surge in hate crimes this year has seen.

Hate crime arrests are up more than 100% this year compared to 2021, according to police data. A recent pattern of incidents involved him involving three Jewish men, whom the NYPD believes were targeted because they were Jewish.

These attacks have increased the police presence in Williamsburg. Schools start next week, and many in the Jewish community are feeling uneasy.

Rabbi Sam Smith said, “We are frightened and distressed. ‘If people could be beaten early in the morning…children would be afraid to go to school.'”

Two of the recent attacks occurred early in the morning around 6am. Last week, both victims were sprayed with fire extinguishers on their way to a local synagogue to pray. Their accused attacker was arrested on Monday.

A third attack took place on Thursday, when a man dressed in traditional Jewish clothing was slapped in the face.

NYPD Commissioner Keychant Sewell said attacks on Jewish New Yorkers alone had increased 45 percent since last year, adding: “We have a 24-hour prayer car and regularly run synagogues. I am visiting,” he said.

The NYPD says it is finalizing arrangements and protocols ahead of the upcoming vacation.

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