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Oakland County’s annual foreclosure sale has gone high-tech. For the first time, bidders can review county vacant lots, private homes and commercial properties and submit their offers online.

County Treasurer Robert Wittenberg said the county switched to online auctions for several reasons. The county’s traditional auctioneers were retired and the brick-and-mortar auction site they needed was sold to United Wholesale Mortgage.

Moving online will make the auction safer post-pandemic, more accessible to more people, and more transparent, he said.

From now until August 12th, the last day of the auction, people can visit tax-sale.info to view properties and place bids online.

“It’s like eBay. You enter your highest bid,” Wittenberg said. When the auction starts, you can see the highest bid in real time and bid accordingly. ”

Members of the public can browse the auction schedule without creating an account, as well as browse auction sales books and catalogs. To get your details, you must have an account, which requires your driver’s license number and the last four digits of your social security number.

Foreclosure process

Foreclosure timeline
Details in the Oakland County Foreclosure Timeline Flyer. (Courtesy, Oakland County)

According to Megan Buwalda, tax-sale.info’s operations manager, the website uses a secure identity verification service for this process, and tax-sale.info does not share driver’s license or social security number information. Not saved. According to her, the background verification process is an important step in ensuring the integrity of each tax auction.

“That information is only used to verify the account at the time of creation,” she says, preventing anyone from creating an account using a fake name.

Wittenberg said counties and states require such identification as part of their legal requirements to transfer property rights.

“We’re trying to make sure the bad guys aren’t there,” said Wittenberg. “Forbids people who are behind on taxes from bidding on real estate. The whole point is to put these parcels back on taxable rolls. Yes, but you won’t pay taxes and it will be seized again.”

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