Off-market real estate app DropOffer launches in Atlanta

Off-market real estate app DropOffer is expanding into six new markets, including Atlanta.

New markets also include Houston, Phoenix, Dallas, Charlotte, Tampa. DropOffer co-founders Greg Burns and Kimani Clark say their research shows there is a strong demand for alternatives to iBuyers and traditional listing methods in these cities.

DropOffer connects buyers and homeowners through an app, allowing owners to passively sell their homes. Homeowners can register their homes through the website and connect with agents who have buyers in their area.

DropOffer is an efficient way to get information about properties that are not on the market, and its mission is to help homeowners who are rejected by iBuyers get “real offers from real buyers.” It is said that it is.

Zillow reported that homeowners in Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and Charlotte sold the most homes on their iBuying service in the first quarter of 2022.

“DropOffer is excited to enter these markets because homeowners want to sell privately and conveniently, and iBuyers and institutional investors see homes as forever homes. They’re frustrated that they’re not seeing the same value as the actual buyer,” said Burns. in a news release.

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