OLA of Eastern Long Island Holds First Youth Summit to Discuss Concerns About Access to Mental Health

Latino youth from the East End got together on Monday to discuss concerns about access to emotional and mental health.

The Organisation Latino Americana (OLA) on East Long Island held its first Youth Summit on Monday.

It was the 21-year-old’s idea that she hopes Summit will be a catalyst for discussion and listening to mental health issues.

Those who have come out have made a list of three barriers they say need to be addressed.

Those include money, lack of awareness, and parents.

Organizer Emily Ruppersil says the lack of out-of-pocket costs for health insurance for mental health professionals leaves many unable to get the help they need.

“…Most of the people here are from Latinx families, and we’ve talked a lot about intergenerational trauma. So when certain families go through certain traumas in their lives, , they are taught to put it aside and keep going,” Rupersil said.

Daniel Torres, a student at East Hampton High School, said the meeting was a comfortable place for students like him to discuss their concerns.

“…I think it’s really been a lot easier to have more meaningful and deeper conversations with people my age,” says Torres.

The group receives their list and passes it on to community officials who can help transform their needs.

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