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‘Old Moss Factory’ providing fuel, food and a large beer cave

Released on Saturday, August 13, 2022 at 4:00 pm

Jameson Powell and Cathy Arnold Pigott can see the finish line at Old Koke Plant, but they know they still have weeks to go. The pieces are starting to come together and every detail is becoming more and more important.

Pigott said he hopes the convenience store on US 51 South and Natchez Avenue will open by Labor Day weekend, but that could change. A red soda bottle cap hangs in the center of the store with the words “The Ole Koke Plant” painted in white.

She said the name of the store is a tribute to the old cola factory that used to be there.

“RB Wall and James Doyle had a vision of building a convenience store here one day,” she said. “The Coke factory was a landmark. Our vision was to design the building that way. When the Coca-Cola factory was here, it looked like something from outer space. I remember…it was all glass and you could see workers in white suits working in the factory.”

Ole Moss Factory welcomes a new generation. They plan to use an app called Toast to offer dine-in, great takeout, drive-thru and other services that can be ordered online or called in advance.

get ready, joe

Piggott wants people to feel welcome when they dine in. Powell has set up a digital jukebox where people can pay to play songs on pumps inside or outside the store. I added that I can.

We are also planning a self-checkout system, and we believe we can provide a new-age convenience store. Powell is ready for the first day he gets there to show you all they have to offer.

“It was tense, but exciting,” he said. “A lot of things had to come together. You have to get the little things right.”

Some of these details include gas station signs. The name ‘Sherry Jan’s Kitchen’ is written in cursive above the 24-foot-long food bar. Shelley Jean is Powell’s mother, and the signature comes straight out of her one of her cookbooks.

The kitchen offers Blue Plate specials with three meats, vegetables, salads and soups. Pigott said it wasn’t limited to blue plate specials. They plan to make sandwiches, burgers and wraps to order and will sell chicken sticks. Grab-and-go breakfasts and lunches offer healthy alternatives.

Pigott said it will also sell homemade carrot cake muffins. The Ole Koke Plant will also feature a beer cave called JD’s Back Office with a coffee bar and “the coldest beer in town.”

“Named after his grandfather, James Doyle. He and his pals grew up hanging out in his back office every day, playing cards and drinking beer after work,” Powell says. I was. “It will be our beer cave with singles and everything. It will be a big beer cave. Whatever it is, the menu will be the same as always, and we hope to add local brewers in the future.”

dirty finish

A lot of thought went into the design, the colors of the booths, the white boomerang pattern on the tables and the glass windows that let in natural light. Everything is new and built from scratch.

Starting with dirt and shovels in February 2022, Piggott said, the opening date is now imminent. She said working with Paul Jackson Construction has been amazing.Ole Nearly all the work done in her 6,000 square feet of her moss factory was done and personalized by locals.

“We didn’t want to be your typical convenience store. “The challenge is you have to pick things before you can see it. I remember standing here and there was nothing here. It’s a beast but a sweet beast.”

Store hours are 5 AM to 11 PM and breakfast is served from 5 AM to 10:30 AM. As we are still looking for employees, applicants can pick up their applications at RB Wall at 1220 US 51 South.

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