One killed and two wounded in Bridgeport shooting.suspect arrested

Police have arrested a suspect after a shooting early this morning on Bridgeport’s East Side left one dead and two wounded.

Police said the incident occurred at 1:50 a.m. near Washington Park at the intersection of Barnum Avenue near Knowlton Street.

Police said eight shots were fired according to the shot spotter activation system. They arrive at the location and find that three people have been shot.

Police said one person was confirmed dead and two were injured but are expected to recover. All three victims were taken to Bridgeport Hospital.

Police said the shooting began shortly after midnight as a group of people prepared to go to a local lounge. They say there was a conflict.

Police said they opened fire and a chase had taken place. We ended up at the North End of Bridgeport near Trumbull Gardens.

Officers say they want to congratulate Officer Corey Baldwin of the Bridgeport Police Department for his bravery in chasing a suspect inside the vehicle.

Police said one person was arrested. Investigation is ongoing.

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