Open Mike Eagle and McKinley Dixon join Gold Panda for new version of ‘The Corner’

Gold Panda recruited Open Mike Eagle, MC Infinite Livez and McKinley Dixon for the new version of ‘The Corner’, originally from the producer’s latest album. the work.


“When we were working on the album version of ‘The Corner,’ we were thinking about how the vocalist would approach the track,” Darwin Decker, aka Gold Panda, explained in a statement.


“Rap/hip-hop has always been a source of inspiration for me. , it was a lot of fun to organize the original version and create a space for the artists who have worked on it so far.


He continued:

The first is the open mic eagle. I’ve produced some tracks for him in the past, we’ve toured together, he’s put up with sharing a hotel room with me, I’ve never had him on board for this. was taken for granted, and I owe him a favor. If you haven’t heard his work yet, start with the track “Qualifiers.” Who else would name Chumba Wamba and Dishwara? The second song is Infinite Livez. I’ve known him since he was in Big Dada at the time, and we used to do improvisational shows together. I was very late in giving him the beat, but I am happy with everything he sends back. A good start to his work is the track “The Novel Reader.” McKinley Dixon just released a new album on City Slang. I recently met him at The Great Escape in Brighton and was blown away by the skill of this man. The band is also tense, so if you have the chance to see them live, please do so. We start with the song “Make A Poet Black”. You’ll soon see why I love this one so much.


They all killed this and I’m so excited to share it.


McKinley-Dixon added, “‘The Corner’ is the closest place to the street, so we wanted to pay tribute to the stories, tales and legends that come from it.”


Open Mike Eagle said, “Gold Panda is one of the sickest producers in the world and he and I made my biggest song a while back and got to know each other better when we toured the US. became,” he commented.


“I always look forward to rapping because his work is the best.”


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