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new jersey We continue to be guided by the belief that healthcare is a right. This principle underpins our work to improve access to quality and affordable health insurance for our residents. ” Governor Murphy“Our administration and Biden Harris Administration, we are thrilled that our state will be able to offer even more health insurance plan options with record levels of financial assistance. For individuals seeking health insurance, Get Covered New We encourage you to take advantage of these historic savings by visiting Jersey to find and enroll in the plan that best suits your family’s needs. “

established by murphy government, Get Covered New Jersey is a place where individuals and families who do not have health insurance through their employer or other programs such as Medicaid or Medicare can easily purchase or purchase health insurance. Get Covered New Jersey is the only place where residents can get financial assistance for health insurance. **BULLSEYE

murphy government We prioritize access to health insurance so New Jerseyans can protect their health. Access to quality and affordable health insurance to ensure that residents receive preventive care, see a doctor when sick, and avoid financial ruin caused by health emergencies. We know that is essential. It’s the only place qualified individuals can get financial assistance to reduce the cost of their insurance premiums. Consumers can compare health insurance plans and choose the one that best suits their health needs and budget. Residents are encouraged to use this time before open enrollment to consider their options. “

The federal American Relief Plan Act, signed last year, significantly increased the amount of financial assistance available to consumers and removed the income limit for receiving assistance.8.5% of income to health insurance through Get Covered New Jersey No one pays more.Federal Savings Allowed new jersey We increased the amount of state subsidies called New Jersey Health Plan Savings, made them available to eligible consumers, and extended savings to high-income residents for the first time last year, allowing them to earn up to 600% of their annual income. increase. federal poverty level ($81,540 for individuals and $166,500 (Family of 4) can receive government assistance. The Inflation Reduction Act extended historic federal savings for three years.

Nine out of ten residents who register are eligible for financial assistance, and many have access to health insurance at a cost of ¥200. $10 Within 1 month. Plans and prices change annually, so individuals with current insurance should review plan options during the open enrollment period to find the plan that best suits their needs and budget. **standard

The federal government also recently eliminated “family glitches” to further strengthen the affordability of health insurance. As a result of this measure, families of workers who are offered affordable self-only coverage but not affordable family coverage will be eligible for a premium tax credit for purchasing plans on the market. may qualify. In general, families who pay more than 9.12% of her income toward employer compensation in 2023 may have more affordable options available through Get Covered New Jersey.

Open enrollment is the only time residents can enroll in the plan. Unless you have a major life event that qualifies you for the Special Enrollment Period, such as marriage, pregnancy, moving house, or you are eligible for NJ FamilyCare.

Health insurance plans offered through cover preventive services, emergency services, prescription drugs, prenatal and pediatric care, and you are not denied coverage because of a pre-existing medical condition. **BULLSEYE

Consumers are encouraged to visit Find Local Assistance or call the Customer Call Center at 1-833-677-1010 TTY 711 to take advantage of free assistance available to local communities statewide.

of new jersey, the requirement to have health insurance remains. Residents who do not qualify for the joint liability payment exemption will pay the fine when they pay their taxes.

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New Jersey is a state civil servant health insurance marketplace,operation Bank and Insurance Department, New Jerseyans can find quality and affordable insurance from private health insurers. It’s the only place you can get. Consumers can then compare health insurance plans and choose the one that best suits their health needs and budget. Depending on income, some consumers may be eligible for her NJ FamilyCare low or no coverage. Get Covered New Jersey is operated by New Jersey Department of Banking and InsuranceIt was established by state law and created by new jerseyfor new jersey.

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