“Open up the New Jersey economy”

Lynnwood, New Jersey — The Republican candidate for U.S. Senator Hersh Singh called for a coordinated reopening of the New Jersey economy and an end to state lockdowns. While speaking to his supporters, Singh presented his plan to not only open up the economy but also help curb the spread of COVID-19.

According to Singh’s plan, we must continue all efforts to contain and control the virus in the hardest-hit areas. Neighborhoods bordering New York City must begin reopening immediately for humanitarian, constitutional, and economic reasons, even if they have introduced and maintained social distancing standards.

“COVID-19 is deadly and must be taken seriously, but there is no value in burning down and saving a metaphorical village. Quarantine used to be for sick people. However, it is now incorrectly used for healthy people.

With about 26 million people currently out of work due to the COVID-19 lockdown, Singh said, we are fast approaching a “point of no return” for the economy and the American way of life. He added that such social distancing measures are “achievable” because the United States does not rely on public transportation, unlike many other countries in the world.

Shin gave examples from societies in Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Czech Republic. All of these societies are maintaining safe social distancing without hurting their economies. He specifically pointed out that Taiwan was exposed a few weeks before New York City, and although it has a larger population than New York City or the Northern Jersey area, it has only a fraction of COVID-19 cases. “The US should take the lead. Instead, we engineered a recession,” Singh said.

Turning to the impact of the lockdown, Singh said it is the middle class and the poor who have been completely crushed by this economic shutdown.

“People are running out of credit and cash reserves, but if reopening doesn’t happen, small businesses of all kinds will cease to exist. It is completely inconsistent with the way of life of

Singh then predicted what the bottom of the economy would look like, saying, “The economic stimulus in areas like New Jersey is worth less than the monthly rent of your average place. Mortgages, rent payments.” , car payments will default and banks will go bankrupt because of this.People will not be able to buy food, even law and order will collapse.We will see the collapse of the food supply chain, so the lockdown will It can also lead to man-made famine.”

Singh concluded by stating that following the Founding Fathers has always been the best approach to dealing with problems, and is no exception. He called for an end to the stay-at-home order, pointing out that the lockdown is a direct violation of the US Constitution.

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