Oregon Culture Night Offers Traditions and Summer Entertainment

A series of summer evening events at the Museum of Natural and Cultural History showcase the rich diversity of Oregon’s artists and cultural practices.

Oregon Culture Night is held outdoors on Thursday evenings at 6 p.m. in the museum courtyard and is free for UO ID holders. Participants are welcome to bring a picnic to enjoy traditional performances and demonstrations.

First launched as a safer program during the 2021 COVID 19 pandemic, Oregon Culture Night showcases the work of master artists from the Museum’s Oregon Folklife Network initiative, Traditional Arts and Apprenticeship Program.

Emily West Hartler-Lord, Associate Director of the Oregon Forklife Network, said: “Each of these cultural bearers demonstrates artistic excellence and a deep knowledge of the historical context of these traditions. have changed their traditions.”

August 11th: Hip Hop Poems by Mike Crenshaw

Mic Crenshaw is a world-class host and former member of the Portland-based group Hungry Mob. He was the 2001 Portland Poetry Slam champion and also a national finalist. He’s one of the Northwest’s most respected hip-hop artists. His albums have topped the radio hip-hop charts, and he has performed with artists such as the Fugees, Outkast, and the Wu-Tang Clan.

August 18: Rajasthani and Hindustani Music with Nisha Joshi

Nisha Joshi is a master artist in the tradition of Rajasthani folk music and Hindustani classical music. In India she performed both styles regularly on radio and television in Delhi. I run and teach voice, harmonium, sitar and tabla lessons at home.

August 25: Persian Calligraphy with Marjane Anvari

Marjan Anvari is a Tajib Master Artist and Art Conservator, a traditional Persian gold illumination dating back to the 3rd century AD. Mathematically accurate and aesthetically brilliant, Tajib, Along with calligraphy and miniatures, it forms the basis of Iranian architecture, handicrafts, rugs, silverware, and manuscripts.

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