Overall inflation slows, but food costs continue to rise

COLORADO SPRINGS — Rising inflation may be slowing, but food costs continue to rise.

Bread and Butter Neighborhood Market customer Amy Triandiflou said:

Rising food costs are changing the way some families shop.

“I’ve been strategic about where I shop. First and foremost, I always shop locally,” says Triandiflou.

Important for a mother of 3 children.

“I always think of my neighbors, like when I go grocery shopping. It was really hard to find affordable food,” says Triandiflou.

Relief may not be around the corner. The latest consumer price index showed him jumping 1.1% in food costs last month, up just under 11% year-on-year.

Stacy Poore, co-owner of Bread and Butter Neighborhood Market, said:

This will force a price adjustment.

“If the price of an item is higher than it was last week, we need to raise the price,” said Poore.

It’s hard to keep prices low, but they try to make a deal for their customers.

“We do volume discounts and the grocery store always has a shelf,” says Poore.

One of the only things they can do as they say the price is up to the major suppliers.

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