Overgrown grass and weeds are a problem at home in village foreclosure

Overgrown grass and weeds are a problem in the foreclosed homes of The Village.

The home at 1204 Zapata Place in the Village of Del Mar was the subject of a hearing Wednesday afternoon by the Savannah Center’s Village Center Community Development District Oversight Board.

On April 11th, a complaint was made to Community Standards about overgrown grass and weeds. Community Standards was initially able to speak with homeowner Patti Shaffer. However, attempts to follow up with her, including calling her additional phone numbers, were unsuccessful. Notice of her hearing was sent to her Shaffer on June 29 by regular mail with her return receipt.

1204 Zapata Place
The house at 1204 Zapata Place has been foreclosed.

A representative for Community Standards testified at the hearing that the house was being foreclosed on. Mortgage companies indicate they are “not in a position to keep the property.”

The board has passed a 7-day grace period for homeowners to mow grass and remove weeds. Failure to comply with housing will result in a $250 fine each time the school district is forced to maintain property.

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