Parents scramble for alternatives after Ocean Hill daycare announces closure

Ocean Hill’s parents are worried that their beloved daycare center will be closing.

They say they have received short notice that the Shirley Chisholm Day Care Center will be closing at the end of September and are seeking a response from the board.

The closure of a daycare listed by the New York City Department of Education has put the family’s future in jeopardy.

According to community advocates and parents, the Salmers Street daycare serves a large portion of the area. They added that trying to find new sites for their children was a burden.

News 12 reached out to the Ministry of Education, some of whom responded: Alternately, she will receive necessary information if she chooses to enroll her child in a DOE-affiliated early childhood education program. “

DOE has 2,150 infant seats, 18,000 3-K seats and 19,900 Pre-K seats, but parents say they just want the daycares they know and love to stay open .

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