Pennsylvania and Delaware discontinue COVID-19 exposure apps

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It may be time to delete another app on your smartphone.

Pennsylvania is discontinuing its COVID-19 exposure app, and Delaware plans to discontinue its COVID exposure alerts in the coming months.

Health officials in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey launched their respective apps in 2020 as part of efforts to stop the spread of the virus.

The app uses Bluetooth technology to track if you have been near another user who has reported a positive COVID-19 test to the app. Unlike traditional contact tracing, even strangers can be alerted to potential contacts.

“So I’m at the grocery store and I’m positive. You’re at the grocery store and you come into contact with me. We don’t know each other. Nothing can replace this,” says Delaware. said Tracy Johnson, Ph.D., Director of Contact Tracing at .

Unlike neighboring states, New Jersey plans to continue operating the app for now. But Pennsylvania and Delaware health departments say the app is no longer relevant.

“All Delaware cases are going through our lab and we can send text notifications. we They can do that, they can say, ‘You’re positive,’ and you can give them guidance on the spot,” Johnson said. It’s taking on some of those roles that it didn’t previously have when the app needed it, and now we can do it. [ourselves]”

She said the app will likely be retired in about two months.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health declined to be interviewed by WHYY News, but spokesperson Maggie Burton said in an email that the app was no longer needed as more people were educated about COVID-19. said.

“Now more than ever, residents know what the symptoms of COVID-19 are, where to get tested (PCR test or at-home test), and next steps after a positive test result. Like isolation and quarantine,” she said. “People who use home testing are encouraged to notify anyone they come into contact with of their potential exposure.”

She said contact tracing efforts are continuing without further assistance from the app, and the department continues to “adapt and build long-term support and resources” during the pandemic.

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