PETA animal advocates rally after viral video of horse collapsing in Midtown

Animal rights groups, including PETA, are holding a rally in Manhattan Wednesday afternoon after a video of a horse collapsing in Midtown went viral.

Officers responded to the scene where a horse named Ryder had fallen. Officials said the horse was having trouble keeping upright, and defenders added he was suffering from dehydration.

After a mounted NYPD officer sprayed the horse and gave it water for 45 minutes, the rider was able to stand up and was taken to a private stable to receive proper veterinary care.

A bill to replace horse-drawn carriages with electric cars in New York City was introduced last month by council member Robert Holden. Proponents are calling for the bill to be pursued and passed quickly.

Meanwhile, the union representing horse-drawn carriage drivers in the city said, “He has EPM, a neurological disease caused by possum feces. , do not rush to conclusions, ”answered.

No crime is suspected at this time.

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