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Phoenixville, Pennsylvania (CBS) – Today is Summerfest Friday, and CBS3 is on its way to Phoenixville, Chester County. The town is full of unique restaurants, cafes and retail stores.

Phoenixville is known for the small businesses in town.

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A local couple decided to open their own brick-and-mortar store after selling bags of freshly roasted coffee from their home during the pandemic. This is a twist on the typical coffee shop.

Coffee is on the menu at the Sweet Brew Cafe on Bridge Street.

CBS3 SummerFest Phoenixville Cafe Serves Joe and Bagels for a Good Reason 1

“Hot coffee, iced coffee, cold brew, fun latte, Dunkaroo-style iced latte,” says Jamie Weiss, co-owner of Sweet Brew Café.

But the café has more brews than a morning cup of joe.For breakfast, they make their own bagels.

“The bagel part came about because Phoenixville really needed a bagel spot. Many residents wanted a place to get really good bagels.

Starting with authentic New York bagels and a variety of creative cream cheese flavors.

“We have jalapeno cheddar cream cheese, veggie cream cheese, scallions, sweet cream cream cheese and of course plain,” said Michael Weiss.

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Sweet Brew Café also offers many unique toppings.

“Everything from the crunch of cinnamon toast to fiery hot Cheetos,” said Michael Weiss.

Customers can devise combinations, so they never get tired of breakfast.

“French toast bagel with sweet cream cream cheese and cinnamon toast crunch on top. It’s the most popular,” says Jamie Weiss.

“I like anything with vegetable cream cheese and palm clips on a bagel. It’s really good,” said Michael Weiss.

Husband and wife team Michael and Jamie Weiss first met in college. After visiting Phoenixville, the couple learned that this was where their business was located.

CBS3 SummerFest Phoenixville Cafe Serves Joe and Bagels for a Good Reason

“It’s very charming. The people here are wonderful,” said Michael Weiss.

“I had never been in a community before. It was so fair, inclusive, supportive and kind,” Jamie Weiss said. or let me know how this is going and how happy we are to be here.”

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The cafe has just launched a program called ‘buy a cup to save a puppy’. Each week they’ll feature a different puppy for adoption, and for an extra $1 in your coffee, you’ll get a photo of that week’s pup.

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