Pioneers of the New Jersey Food Tour Trail

There’s more to New Jersey’s food scene than Taylor ham and pizza. Her seven women, each running their own food tour, realized that they could spread the word more effectively if they banded together.

Before the pandemic, women sometimes discussed tour strategies, seeing each other as allies and leaders rather than competitors. Then, when the pandemic hit and tours were suspended, the women formed the New Jersey Food Tour Trail.

Food tour trails include:

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“We thought, ‘Are we really competitors?'” says Wiggins, owner and operator of On the Town Food Tours. “We’ve all had successful small, unique industries. Working together was a far better option than being a competitor.”

Wiggins began by touring New York, Philadelphia, and Washington DC with family and friends on weekends. She launched her On The Town Food her tours in 2014 after noticing how much she enjoyed introducing people to her new foods and local history. South Jersey towns of Atlantic City, Bordentown, Collingswood, Haddonfield, Hammonton, Mount Her Holly.

On the Town creates unique tours for each location, highlighting sweet and savory cuisine, art, shopping and history. About 12 people per group, Wiggins’ walks cost between $55 and $80, depending on location, and last about three hours.

As much as he enjoys showing how special his town is, Wiggins is passionate about “helping our community by bringing people to our local restaurants and shops.”

food tour

Take an on-the-town food tour at the Village Idiot Brewing Company in Mount Holly. Photo courtesy of On the Town Food Tours

Elizabeth Horvath, who has been in the tour business for four years, calls Lambertville-based tours “a passion project.” Her company, Sister Cities Food and Shop Tours, is near the Delaware River so guests can explore the colorful town of New Hope, Pennsylvania.

The walking tour is packed with history, shopping and local chef cooking, depending on what you’re cooking that day. Horvath tours year-round, even in the winter, although some dates are canceled due to the heat.

“Running your own business can be isolating, but for me, being able to share the challenges and triumphs of a business with a group is incredibly effective,” said Horvath about joining New Jersey Food Tour Trails. says. Now that we’ve worked together, the women make sure to let guests know about other great food tours taking place around the state.

“I love working with all the women. We really know how to take care of our customers,” says Wiggins. “We all love food and doing this is something I really, really enjoy.”

of New Jersey Food Tour Trail 7 tours covering Morristown, Newark, Lambertville, Jersey City, Red Bank, Somerville, Asbury Park, Atlantic City, Bordentown, Collingswood, Haddonfield, Hammonton, Mount Holly and Cape May .visit website tour booking and read more About the woman in the back.

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