Pixel At a Glance allows you to view the status of your ‘food orders’

After adding the traffic commute toggle, Pixel’s At a Glance widget now has a setting to get “delivery and pickup status” for “food and home orders.”

8/22 update: The preference toggle for this feature has been removed by a server-side update. During this week he did not see any reports of the actual “food and home ordering” functionality working for end users. This is probably a premature launch, and the feature makes more sense with the new At a Glance setting.

Original 8/16: This “Order food and home” toggle appears specifically in versions of Google Assistant’s At a Glance settings that predate the Pixel Launcher variant. The latter is where you’ll find new features like Bluetooth headphone battery status, doorbell preview, and flashlight, while the former is home to weather (just updated with air quality) and upcoming events (calendar, reminders, etc.) .

This addition, which brings both feature lists to eight items, is enabled by default and is said to show “delivery and pickup status.” There have been no reports of this feature being enabled yet, but both Android 12 and 13 devices seemed to see the setting following a server-side push (rather than an app update).

This comes as we track three new At a Glance features that are supposed to coincide with the upcoming Pixel Feature Drop. This includes the “food delivery arrival status” that we previously saw integrated with DoorDash.

The functionality Google currently describes should sound broader and find more uses, assuming it applies to additional types of orders/packages, not just one delivery service.

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