Planning a career change?Birmingham mom tells why she chose her estate


Christy Logan / LAH Real Estate
Christy Logan and her precious puppy, Lulu. (Nathan Watson / Bam Now)

Thinking of a career change? Working in real estate is a flexible career option that allows you to set your own schedule and choose when and where you want to work, helping you meet new and exciting people in a magical city.

We spoke with Kristi Logan, a local mom who recently embarked on a new career at LAH Real Estate.

Meet Christy Logan

Christy Logan / LAH Real Estate
(Nathan Watson / Bam Now)

Originally from Montgomery, Christy Logan first moved to Birmingham after graduating from Auburn University with a degree in Early Childhood Education. While living in her magical city, Kristi used her Childcare Resources to help train teachers on early childhood development. But when her Christie had her first son, she decided to take a step back from her own career and focus on raising her kids.

“I have been a stay-at-home mom for 22 years and really enjoyed raising my sons. Now that they are grown and independent, I am taking steps to start a new career in real estate.”

Christy Logan, LAH Real Estate

Real estate can be a very attractive career. Especially when mothers like Christie are considering returning to work.

“Real estate has always fascinated me! My husband and I purchased and renovated our first home in 1997. A 1925 Spanish home in the Hollywood section of Homewood that needs a lot of work. We ‘found the bug’ and have bought, refurbished and sold 7 more homes here in Birmingham. When I thought about starting a new career, I wanted to find one that was flexible enough to allow me to continue doing what I love. The estate was a natural fit! ”

Christy Logan, LAH Real Estate

Jump into a new career

Christy Logan / LAH Real Estate
Kristi Logan, one of LAH Real Estate’s newest agents. (Nathan Watson / Bam Now)

During the “second wave” of COVID-19, Christie took an online real estate course from home, passed exams, and completed a post-licensing course. As a fully licensed agent, Kristi’s next step was to find a real estate company to partner with.

“I was having lunch with a friend who works for another real estate company and found that LAH Real Estate the best A training program for new agents. Having lived in Homewood, I already knew that LAH Real Estate had a great reputation. It was sold!

After I passed my exam, there was an eight-week training course hosted by LAH Real Estate at their Mountain Brook office. This training gave me a better understanding of how LAH works and the technologies it uses such as HomeSnap and DotLoop. ”

Christy Logan, LAH Real Estate

Christy Logan
Christy Logan with her husband and three sons. (Christy Logan)

Since March, Kristi is a full-time agent in LAH Real Estate’s Homewood office.

“I started working in the Homewood office and immediately felt at home. Everyone is a team player and when I signed my first contract, I had people around me to make sure everything was done right. I have a lot of papers to sign, so this is really helpful.”

Christy Logan, LAH Real Estate

As part of our ongoing support for all agents, LAH Real Estate offers over 20 free continuing education classes to realtors throughout the year.

“LAH Real Estate does a great job keeping us competitive and up-to-date. It’s very refreshing to me and helps me know that I’m fully prepared for the real estate situation ahead.

Christy Logan, LAH Real Estate

Learn more about becoming a real estate agent

“Working in real estate is a great career for me at this stage in my life. A fun and exciting way to learn and challenge yourself!”

Christy Logan, LAH Real Estate

Before becoming a real estate agent, there are three main steps required to qualify.

  1. Complete a 60 hour pre-licensing course
  2. Pass the Alabama Salesperson Exam
  3. Complete a 30 hour post license course

One way to get started is through the LAH School of Real Estate.

“LAH has a long standing reputation in our community as a real estate company that goes above and beyond for our clients, clients and real estate agents. We are always on the lookout for new experienced agents for LAH, and we are honored to share it with those who are interested in learning more about LAH’s extraordinary community and family.”

Sarah Walker, Recruiting Coordinator, LAH Real Estate

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