Police: Scammers Targeting Elderly in Trumbull

Police in Trumbull are warning the public about a scam targeting seniors in the area.

Scammers claim to be sick or arrested family members.

The caller urgently helps them and tells the victim not to contact anyone, especially the police.

The caller could claim to be law enforcement, who said the victim’s social security number or bank account was “compromised.” The caller requests personal information to “verify” the caller’s identity and obtains the victim’s information.

Police have said to beware of a “recreation scam” where a suspect pretends to be a utility company and “randomly” shows up at seniors’ homes to lure them into their homes and try to steal their valuables.

To avoid fraud, police say seniors should resist the urge to act immediately, no matter how dramatic the story is.

Verify the caller’s identity and ask questions that strangers cannot answer.

Check with your family to make sure the information is correct.

Do not send cash, gift cards or make money transfers.

Do not provide personal or bank account information by email, phone, or by logging into your bank account as instructed by the caller.

Police say they will not respond to random phone calls, emails, or text messages that contact you for personal information.

If you have information about the scam, please contact the Trumbull Police Department. 203-261-3665.

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