Premium Partners Acquires 4,000 Rental Homes in DR Houghton

real estate investment management company Premium partner have purchased thousands of homes from home builders DR Horton Co., Ltd. In a $1.5 billion deal, bloomberg First reported.

The deal involves a mix of completed and unfinished homes, the newspaper said, citing people familiar with the deal, who asked not to be identified.

Neither company has commented to Bloomberg on the deal.

More than 4,000 homes were involved in the transaction, which are primarily located in high-demand markets in the Southeast and Southwest. wall street journal report. Housing that was planned for rent has already been rented.

The deal comes at a time of increased demand from homebuilders due to a shortage of homes for sale.

The deal could also signal investors re-entering the housing market after institutional investors sold properties at the end of 2022 following a nationwide drop in home prices.

Founded in 2012, the Pretium platform leverages investment and lending opportunities and has more than $50 billion in assets in real estate investments across 30 U.S. markets, according to the company.

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