Primary residential real estate market in Kyiv and Kyiv region

DUBLIN, Aug. 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ‘Kyiv and Kyiv Region Primary Residential Real Estate Market in Ukraine – Growth, Trends, War Impact and Forecasts (2022 – 2030)’ report added of Recruitment.

The main residential real estate market in Kiev and the Kyiv region is an actively developing market, driven not only by economic factors, but also by social and demographic factors. A significant share of the Ukrainian residential real estate market is concentrated in Kyiv, his 27.6% of all apartments (on the primary and secondary market) are sold here.

Many trends and market-shaping factors affecting the residential real estate market in Kyiv and its region have similar impacts on the rest of Ukraine, so this report understands and further explores the Ukrainian real estate market. can be used as a baseline for

To provide the clearest analysis of market conditions, a trend analysis is performed for the period from 2013, including the 2014-2015 crisis caused by the Russian Federation’s military aggression and annexation of Crimea. increase. The authors of this study have set themselves the task of getting readers to know this market as closely as possible and providing them with sufficient information for an independent assessment of market conditions.

This report serves as a reference for investment, construction, architecture and consulting firms in the field of residential real estate interested in investing in the Ukrainian residential real estate market. This report contains all important information about the residential real estate market in the region under consideration, covering the development period 2015-2021 and including market development forecasts 2022-2030. I’m here.

The issuer is a recognized expert in the Ukrainian residential real estate market. Years of experience studying the Ukrainian real estate market have allowed us to accumulate a unique dataset used in this report.

Within the framework of ongoing research, the following subtasks were identified:

1. To systematically provide information on market size, structural characteristics of supply and demand, in order to assess the long-term dynamics of development of major residential real estate markets.
2. To familiarize readers with the most common characteristics of the major local residential real estate markets, including basic classification methods and explanations of legal methods for investing in residential real estate under construction. .
3. Inform readers of average indicators of profitability of investments in residential real estate under construction.
4. Assess the impact of hostilities in the first months on the main residential real estate market in Kyiv and the Kyiv region.
5. We use data on market dynamics for historical periods, including critical periods, to assess the potential adverse effects of hostilities and the potential for market recovery and further growth.

This report contains a large amount of data presented in the form of 64 figures, 12 tables, 6 maps and 10 information cards about top developers in the region.

Main topics:

1. Scope of investigation

2. Market trends

  • commissioning
  • average price
  • Number of units sold
  • Effects of War on Markets

3. Short summary

  • Kyiv real estate for rent
  • Resale Residential Real Estate in Kyiv

4. Supply

  • supply dynamics
  • market segmentation
  • Supply system
  • Types of main housing complexes
  • Supply system by property type
  • Supply system by condominium type
  • competition
  • Top rated developer

5. Price

  • Price dynamics by class
  • Regional charges
  • Total price of the apartment
  • price formation factor

6. Demand

  • market driver
  • General segmentation of target audience
  • Market size
  • Demand structure by class
  • Demand structure by region
  • Demand by apartment type and size
  • Request for finishing
  • Demand for financial products
  • Trends – customer preferences

7. Investment

  • Main types of investment contracts for renewable energy primary market
  • Return on investment in facilities under construction

8. Forecast

  • The most probable way of the development of the conflict with the Russian Federation
  • Ukraine economic forecast index
  • Pessimistic Scenario – Five Years of War
  • Base Scenario – End of the war in the first half of 2023
  • Optimistic Scenario – World War II Ends in 2022
  • Market size forecast 2022-2030

9. Conclusion

companies mentioned

  • Strica Group
  • address group
  • Arcada
  • Development of Association Construction Group Bud
  • Build group synergy
  • Dbk-ditrobud
  • geos development
  • Intergal Bad Construction Company
  • Invicta Facade Bad
  • Can development
  • Kyivmiskbud Holding Company
  • Poznyaky-Zhil-Bud (Taryan Group)
  • ukulebd development

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