Prisco’s NFL Week 1 pick: Chargers reverse Raiders, Baker Mayfield dominates former team, Jaguars reverse Commanders

One game at a time. one week at a time.

Never look ahead. Must be every week.

This is a 4 quarter season and now the 1st quarter is the most important.

Words of the coach. I do not like it? Well, it also has to do with choosing games. A good start is essential if you want to have any chance of a winning season. Getting off to a good start is tough. There are so many uncertainties, especially since free agency and coaching change every year.

Here are some tips to get you started quickly.

1. Don’t pay attention to preseason. It means nothing.

2. Look for teams that are bringing back a lot of veteran players to get off to a good start.

3. Passers and pass rushers. That’s what leagues are for. Take those teams—especially early on.

Now it’s time for the first pick of the season. I pick games here every week. We’ll also be betting the best every week on’s spread of expert picks on our Pick Six Podcast.

Last year was a good season. Let’s keep it going. All in all, I had a great offseason, recovered from injury going into this season, and I’m confident we can win it all.

Of course, we will pick them one by one.

One winner at a time.

No need to preempt this guy. Not when a week one debacle can ruin an entire season.

Featured games | | Los Angeles Rams vs. Buffalo Bills

After the Super Bowl, the home team has gone 10-5-1 in these games. But I’m against that trend and I’m going to pick up the bill and win this game.・It means Miller is there and the Rams are not. That means a late sack fumble game over for the Bills to win.

Choose: Bills 30, Rams 24

Featured games | | Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints

These two teams don’t like each other and it usually shows. The Saints are the better team, but what do you get out of Jameis Winston every week? The Falcons start with Marcus Mariota. He can move, but the Saints’ defense can be special.

Choose: Saints 29, Falcons 13

Featured games | | Carolina Panthers vs. Cleveland Browns

Baker Mayfield bowl. He is the Panthers’ starting quarterback after being dumped by the Browns for the now-suspended Deshawn Watson. With a lot of skill talent around Mayfield, the Panthers’ young defense should improve. Carolina wins as Mayfield beats his old team.

Choose: Panthers 23, Browns 17

Featured games | | Chicago Bears v San Francisco 49ers

This is Trey Lance’s first game as a bona fide starter for the 49ers at quarterback. It can put a lot of pressure on the road. But the 49ers are clearly a better team. Kyle Shanahan would make it easy for Lance. Justin Fields has trouble behind the Bears’ shaky line against the 49ers’ excellent defense. 49ers win big.

Choose: 49ers 23, Bears 14

Featured games | | Detroit Lions vs Philadelphia Eagles

The Steelers will enter as division dogs. This is a successful role for Mike Tomlin as a coach, going 14-6. There are concerns about the Steelers’ offensive line, which is why this number is inflated. But Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow has been dealing with appendicitis all preseason, which could lead to a rust.

Choose: Bengals 23, Steelers 20

Featured games | | Detroit Lions vs Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles look like they have what it takes to be a strong team in the playoffs. That’s if quarterback Jalen Hurts can make progress as a passer, and that’s what he seems to have done this offseason. will be But facing this Eagles offense will be a challenge for their defense. Hearts will have a good start to the season.

Choose: Eagles 31, Lions 21

Featured games | | Houston Texans vs Indianapolis Colts

This will be his first game as a quarterback for the Colts after Matt Ryan came in on the trade. is proven. You can also hit Jonathan Taylor. Davis Mills looked good for the Texans late last year, and that carries over here. Look for many points in tight games.

Choose: Colts 31, Texans 27

Featured games | | Miami Dolphins vs. New England Patriots

The Patriots are in an unusual situation as road dogs here. They are coming to an end to a shaky preseason, while Miami is coming to a close with Tua Tagovailoa’s hype-filled preseason. He had a lot of weapons and looked good too, so this is a big game for him.Mike McDaniel is quick to send the ball to the playmakers and has problems with a defense that isn’t as talented as it has been in years past. The Dolphins beat the Patriots in his third straight streak. Make it four.

Choose: Dolphins 24, Patriots 19

Featured games | | New York Jets vs. Baltimore Ravens

If Zach Wilson fails to return from a knee injury, this could lead to Joe Flacco starting for the Jets against his former team. Flacco won the Ravens’ Super Bowl, but it’s been a while since then. Lamar Jackson is back in good health after his sluggish season in 2021 and I think he is off to a good start here. The Ravens have some pass rushing issues, but they get around it against older quarterbacks.

Choose: Ravens 26, Jets 23

Featured games | | Washington Commanders vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

This will see former Eagles coach Doug Pederson take on former Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz. The Jaguars defeated Wentz and the Colts in last year’s finale and that’s why he’s no longer in Indianapolis. They beat him again. The Jaguar defense could be really good and it shows here.

Choose: Jaguars 21, Commanders 17

Featured games | | Tennessee Titans vs New York Giants

The Titans took a toll on defense last week when Harold Landry went down with a torn ACL. Giants coach Brian Dabor is set to make his debut here and he should be able to create problems for that defense without Landry.Titans hit Derrick Henry but their pass his game has a problem. The Giants hang out with this one.

Choose: Titans 28, Giants 27

Featured games | | Arizona Cardinals vs. Kansas City Chiefs

This should be fun to watch Patrick Mahomes take on Kyler Murray.It will be interesting to see how Mahomes fares without Tyreek Hill. fine. Things are volatile at Arizona Corner and Mahomes will capitalize on it here. The Chiefs win the high-scoring game.

Choose: Chiefs 33, Cardinals 24

Featured games | | Los Angeles Chargers vs Las Vegas Raiders

The game features two teams vying for a playoff spot and division title. The Raiders defeated the Chargers in last season’s finale to advance to the playoffs. This time, it’s different. With Khalil Mack added to their defense, the Chargers at home can slow Derek Carr. Justin Herbert will have a big day on the other side.

Choose: Chargers 30, Raiders 21

Featured games | | Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers has 13 touchdown passes and no picks in his last four games with the Vikings. But he was 2-2 in those games. The difference this time will be the Green Bay Defense. That unit could be special. Vikings counter with explosive attacks, but in this one, that attack doesn’t work. Packer takes it.

Choose: Packers 24, Vikings 19

Featured games | | Dallas Cowboys vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Both of these enter the game with concerns on the offensive line. That’s a problem for Tom Brady, who doesn’t move so well. The Cowboys won a tough, defensive game to start 1-0.

Choose: Cowboys 20, Bucks 17

Featured games | | Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos

This is Russell Wilson returning to play his former team, which is very interesting. The Seahawks are almost in rebuilding mode after trading him, but playing at home on Monday night will make this a tough game for Wilson. think.

Choose: Broncos 27, Seahawks 23

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