‘Proud Princess’ Animated Feature Featured by All Rights Entertainment

All Rights Entertainment, an international distributor based in Paris, Hong Kong and Los Angeles, launches ‘The Proud Princess’ at the Cannes Market (Marche du Film).


This picture is an animated film based on the fairy tale “Punished Pride” written by Bozena Nemcova. His 1952 film adaptation of the book, directed by Bolivoj Zeman and starring Alena Vlanova and Vladimir Laz, is one of his most watched films in Czech cinema history.


The new film will be directed by Radek Beran (“The Little Man”) and David Licy (“Spy Cat”). The film will be produced by Luminar Films and animated by Prague-based studio PFX, the studio behind ‘Diplodocus’, ‘Websters’ and ‘The World of Marnie’. Czech theatrical distribution is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2024. Cinema art is in charge.


“It’s time for the young and handsome King Benjamin to find a wife. Presented with a portrait of the beautiful Princess Carolina, he is so enchanted that in return he sends her a portrait of himself, but he is spoiled and proud. Princess Carolina selfishly rejects him, and King Benjamin decides to persuade her, disguised himself as a gardener and manages to work at her castle,” reads the synopsis provided by All Rights. It is written.


He learns that the princess was once happy and kind, and with the help of music and flowers, he falls in love with her. When her advisers, who wanted to stay in power, decided that she was a weak prince to marry her, Carolina and Benjamin hurriedly fled together. The many obstacles they face on the run will bring them closer together. But love and happiness will prevail, although Benjamin still has to reveal the truth. “


All Rights has a long track record of handling overseas animation titles. These include Lendarys, Gulliver Returns, Sherlock Holmes and the Great Escape, which are currently in post-production, as well as Chinese titles New Gods: Yang Jian, White Snake, and Cats and Peachtopia. included.




An animated article about “Proud Princess” by All Rights Entertainment first appeared on The Media Pub News.

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