Quality of Life Signs to Check for Your Aging Pet | Entertainment News

Pet ownership is widespread in the United States, as the American Veterinary Association estimates that approximately 38% of households have a dog and approximately 1 in 4 households have a cat. These beloved pets are important members of the families they belong to, providing companionship, entertainment, exercise, love, and comfort.

Owning a pet can be a lot of fun, but as they get older they need more healthcare to keep them healthy and happy. While pet ownership has expanded in recent years, the number of qualified pet care professionals has declined significantly. In addition to limited access to healthcare, pet caregivers can face difficult and often heartbreaking decisions as their pets age.

Native Pet has compiled a list of recommendations from experts and veterinary resources for assessing the quality of life of aging pets. Pet owners spend a lot of time and energy caring for their fellow animals so that their pets live as long as possible. Nonetheless, their decisions should take into consideration the pet’s daily quality of life. Other factors to consider include the amount of pain or discomfort they may be experiencing and the activities they may have to give up. The Quality of Life Scale can be a useful tool in understanding how your pet is feeling.

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