Real Estate | End of an Era at Hilltop as Auction Scheduled for Wednesday 31st August 2022

WEST BEND, Wisconsin – It’s the end of an era for Hilltop Services, Inc. as the auction is scheduled for Wednesday, August 31, 2022. The Ritger & Drendel Auction Specialists flyer states: sold their property. All purchases must be moved by Friday, September 2nd. “

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A complete list of auction items is available by clicking here

hill top

Harold and Ann Schnorenberg had a big influence on that corner intersection. Jo-Ann Schmidt of Roger’s Radiator said: Their towing work, they’ve done most of the towing for the city and its tire business.When Jerry was in the corner with Burton Automotive, we’ve always worked well together for the benefit of our customers. I got

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“We weren’t interested in doing business with each other. Instead, our mission was to come together and serve our communities. We all embraced that premise.”

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Todd Schmidt, owner of Roger’s Radiator, said it was always very nice to work with them. He said. “Excellent towing service and a versatile friend or business man.”

“We have a good working relationship with all of us. If it can’t be handled, another one steps in. We all did what we had to do to keep things local,” says Schmidt.

Teamwork and consulting were commonplace between Hilltop and other shops. “If something wasn’t working for them, we would go there and they would come here and help each other,” Schmidt said.

Mr. and Mrs. Schnollenberg of Hilltop are said to run a spacious and cozy shop. “When you walked in, they were easy to talk to, and they always took a minute to understand and care for what you needed,” Schmidt said.

A few years ago there was also a petrol station on the corner. “I think Jerry had Mobile across from Burton he services and Standard he had stations at Hilltop,” Schmidt said.

Local historian Mary Moll said that Anne and Harold were “always kind.”

“They sent a tow to get me out of the ditch, and then we both got stuck,” Moll recalled with a laugh. It didn’t come, so when I asked, they said it was taken care of.”

Rumor has it that the State Bank of Newburg has opened on Main Street in Barton, here for more information.

In 2021, the parcel at the corner of Highway 144 and Main Street had a fair market value of $195,000 and a valuation of $165,100.

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