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POINT PLEASANT BEACH — Members of the New Jersey real estate agency appeared before the mayor and council on Tuesday night to demand amendments to an ordinance limiting short-term residential rentals in the borough.

The ordinance, adopted in December 2021, prohibits the renting of dwellings for periods of less than 7 days from May 15 to September 30 and less than one month in the off-season.

The change the group is requesting will allow realtors to accept notice regardless of their office location..

According to an email sent to Ocean Star by Bruce Shapiro, a New Jersey real estate agent, “The New Jersey real estate agent has agreed to comply with one of the provisions of this ordinance, specifically because landlords receive mail from the town. Please have a designated representative with an address.

“The amendments we are requesting require that real estate agents licensed pursuant to the New Jersey Real Estate Licensing Act and regulated by the New Jersey Real Estate Commission act as agents accepting notice pursuant to Section 13-8(f). No matter where your office is located,” the email said.

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