Real Estate Logic – Realtor® vs. DIY Essential Tools

Some homeowners sometimes decide to sell their homes themselves in hopes of saving money that goes to Realtor®. At first glance, selling a house seems easy. Walk into a hardware store for garden signs, make a few quick posts on social media or Presto, and buyers will start showing up at your door. Like many other things in life, selling a home can be much more difficult.

The ability of realtors to sell for more than their owners is rooted in the fact that realtors have far more tools at their disposal. Let’s take a look at just a few of them.

full service marketing

Perhaps the biggest challenge for DIY home sellers is replicating the marketing efforts of full-time realtors. In today’s world of technology, the cost of advertising a property has become prohibitive for some professionals, let alone for sale by the owner. HD and aerial photography, virtual tours, printed brochures, and his website for individual properties are all expected by today’s homebuyer and not typically available to individuals.

Multiple listing services
When a property is submitted to multiple local listing services, hundreds and thousands of individual agents who only get paid if they sell are alerted that a particular property is now on the market. This means that the agent hired by the seller will be one of thousands of agents who know all the details of the home and are able to bring the buyer to you.

Pricing expertise

No one knows the current market like a real estate agent. All neighborhoods and their home values ​​are constantly changing. These changing values ​​reflect the laws of supply and demand. Realtors are on the market every day, so they know all the details related to a home, and all who bring in buyers are equally welcome.

Buyer qualification
Real estate agents know how to ask the tough questions they need to ask to make sure they are spending time with viable buyers. It also helps to send the buyer to the mortgage lender to offer.

negotiation and closing skills

Real estate agents have many iterative transactions and understand the sensitive areas of the negotiation process. As well as knowing and paying attention to many details to complete the sale.

advice: I doubt you’d call an auto mechanic to remove one of your wisdom teeth, but why take the chance with perhaps your biggest investment? For the best possible results in selling your home, call a licensed Realtor®.

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