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Hartford, Wisconsin – A snapshot of the new Brewed Omen – The tasting room at 120 North Main Street on the lower floors of the Millstream Building in Hartford, Wisconsin.

Owners Bill and Ane Ohm agreed on a snapshot of the interior and backyard overlooking the river. A grand opening date has also been set. There is an announcement in the short video.

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It was March 2022 when Ohm hosted a massive ‘public party’ announced Rubi Falls Taphouse It’s actually called Brewed Omen.

charter steel

The building that housed the underground lounge in the late 1970s has a lot of history, the local Eagles Club had a bar, and this location was home to the Hackendahl Saloon.

Hackendal, Hartford, Pub


The Brewed Omen web page says: Foreboding is brewing in Hartford’s historic restored Millstream Building on the banks of the serene Rubicon River. Brewed Omen is a neighborhood tasting his room experience. Enjoy local and craft beers, classic and signature cocktails, a curated wine list, and rare bourbon here read more.

Below are some interesting architectural discoveries in the lower floors of the Millstream Building and the future home of Brewed Omen.

brewing omen

cast iron

Terrazzo floor…

terrazzo floor

brewing omen

brewing omen The target opening date is September 17, 2022.

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