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Jupiter Entertainment is partnering with Nashville-based pop music production community and social media influencer Song House to develop a premium documentary series, the company announced Thursday. .

song house (w/t) goes behind the scenes to give aspiring songwriters and artists new avenues to succeed in the music industry. The pop music incubator, founded by musician and producer Tyler Ward (pictured), uses TikTok and other social media his platform to sell test songs and artists in real time.

This documentary series follows an up-and-coming song-house artist as she creates a hit song, claiming to be character-driven and all shot in Verite style. Song House artists co-write hooks, flesh out songs, and perform material on social media providing real-time feedback.

Jupiter Entertainment President Patrick Reardon said in a news release:

“Through our unique partnership with Song House, we shine a light on independent songwriters and the unsung heroes behind the scenes, led by Tyler, who are bringing attention to how music is made and how artists are discovered. can be guessed.”

Past credits from Jupiter include: Murder Hunter: Never Give Up When Lieutenant Joe Kenda and the American Detective for Discovery+.It is a company that also produces Pursuit with John Walsh research findings and snap for oxygen.

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