Recap of Ellen Pompeo’s role outside of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ | Entertainment

But Pompeo isn’t resting on her laurels. That’s a laurel, by the way, including multiple People’s Choice Awards, Golden Globe nominations, and a contract reportedly worth as much as $20 million a year. Instead, she’s starring in her Hulu exclusive series, dramatizing a true story about American parents who claimed their adopted daughter from Ukraine was actually an adult “sociopath.”

Jenna Weber Law and order (1996)

bring the action work (2001)

Bertie Knox moonlight mile (2002)

Marushi Inn Catch Me If You Can (2002)

Karen Page Inn daredevil (2003)

Nicole Inn old school (2003)

Missy Goldberg friend (2004)

Naomi Inn Eternal Sun of the Immaculate Heart (2004)

Luna in Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video (2015)

Yanagiiri Doc Max Taffins (2017)

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