Reddit is divided by the Food Network judges who hate it the most

A Reddit thread posted on the r/foodnetwork subreddit in June 2022 revealed what viewers really think of the channel’s judges. The conversation started with, “I really can’t stand Melissa Darlabian as a judge. Who are the other cooking contest judges you personally dislike?” The comments section was immediately flooded with opinions.

One person replied,[I don’t like] Jada [De Laurentiis] The way she pronounces spaghetti and parmigiano-reggiano. “A lot of people agreed with this statement. Faison. One comment read, ‘…She doesn’t seem to help.'”

One Reddit user then shared what he believed was “Alton Brown was a real idiot as a judge.” ‘ or ‘prank’… it’s weird,” he wrote. That was followed by a vote for Nancy Silverton. When the votes of the Food Network’s least popular judges are tallied, the only certainty is that no one is convinced of the outcome.

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