Reorganizing wellness and health promotion inside and outside Pat Walker Health Center

Reorganizing wellness and health promotion inside and outside Pat Walker Health Center

Pat Walker Health Center’s Department of Health and Wellness has moved to three separate departments in the Student Affairs Division. UARK Wellness is now part of University Recreation. The Sexual and Relationship Violence Center is now a unit within Student Life in the Dean’s Office. Also, the Substance Education, Assessment, and Recovery Program, formerly known as Substance Education and Alcohol Resources, remains within Pat Walker Health Center.

“These changes speak to our overarching goal of creating and sustaining synergies between departments that serve the diverse needs of our students, with common goals in the services and programs offered to our students.” said Monica D. Holland, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs. , Executive Director of the Center for Health, and Assistant Vice Chancellor/Vice Chancellor of Students. “Students utilizing these resources/departments will continue to receive holistic care, outreach, support, and programming.”

University Wellness

UARK Wellness, officially a unit of University Recreation, is still located on the second floor of the Pat Walker Health Center. UARK Wellness is a comprehensive program that promotes wellness and overall health by engaging and empowering students, faculty and staff through experiential academic and non-academic classes, coaching, and supportive services and activities.

“UREC enthusiastically welcomed UARK Wellness to our department and officially kicked off a long-standing collaboration. Wellness programs include on-campus outreach, teaching and classroom presentations, wellness coaching, and faculty training. We will focus on education and certification,” said Becky Todd, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. Managing Director of UREC. “This organizational change will help strengthen links within student affairs and academic units to serve student physical health and wellness from a holistic approach.”

Sexual and Relationship Violence Center

The Center for Sexual and Relationship Violence, now part of student life in the Dean’s Office, remains at the Garland Center. The Center provides all victim advocacy and educational services related to sexual and relationship violence. We offer it free of charge and try to put our students first by providing confidential information.

“SRVC grew out of the efforts and vision of PWHC. We are eternally grateful and continue to move forward with a strong spirit of cooperation between us,” said Mary Wyandt, director of the Sexual and Relationship Violence Center. – Hiebert said. “Building on the strong foundations that have been established, SRVC’s transition to student life provides additional opportunities to further address sexual and relationship violence across campus and, most importantly, , to continue to meet the needs of students through confidential advocacy services and educational programs.”

Substance Education, Assessment and Recovery Program

A unit within the Pat Walker Health Center, the Substance Education, Assessment and Recovery Program is located in the same suite as UARK Wellness on the second floor of the Pat Walker Health Center. SEAR has changed some words associated with its acronym to highlight some of the important additional resources for students seeking support and education from SEAR. The program currently includes a Licensed Professional Mental Health Professional as an Arkansas Licensed Program Coordinator to administer alcohol/drug assessments and a Recovery Professional to grow and develop recovery communities on campus. There is

SEAR program coordinator Jennifer Grim said: “Our future goals include providing more peer-to-peer outreach and education, expanding treatment services and expanding the recovery community. , was important to ensure that students could maintain a central location for all their healthcare needs met.”

All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to visit the UARK Wellness, Sexual and Relationship Violence Center, Material Education, Assessment and Recovery Program website for more information.

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