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Enterprising Latina will host the Wimauma Sabor & Soul Food Tours on August 19, 20, 26 and 27 from noon to 6 p.m.
“We are delighted to welcome visitors to Wimauma from all over Tampa Bay and share what we love about our community through its food, heritage and special stories,” said CEO and Founder of Enterprise Latina. author Liz Gutierrez said: “Food Tours continues our mission to create a pathway of opportunity for women and scale up economic growth to benefit low-income residents of Wimauma.”
“Our goal is to showcase the diverse and rich history of the Wimauma community of South Hillsborough County through its traditional food culture,” added Irina Cintron, deputy director of Enterprise Latina.
“Guests have to choose their preferred date and time slot,” she said. “Her two trolleys from Clearwater’s Jolly Trolley will take you on her hourly tours from our Wimauma Opportunity Center.”

photo of Ileana Citron
Clearwater’s Jolley Trolley will provide transportation for guests of the upcoming Wimauma Sabor & Soul Food Tours.

Riders travel along Route 674 and visit 7 Hispanic and African American restaurants for tastings and 7 cultural attractions.
The trolley can accommodate 20 riders at a time for a 90 minute tour. The cost is $30 per person.
Income from ticket sales and sponsorships will help cover transportation, vendor and insurance costs, Cintron said, adding that she wants to break even.
She and Gutierrez act as bilingual tour guides.
“The value of taking the tour is not just to taste the food, but also to learn about the Wimauma entrepreneurs and the businesses they built,” Cintron said. “We are changing people’s perceptions of our community and highlighting Wimauma as a food and cultural destination.”

photo of Ileana Cintron
Restaurant Del Sol is one of seven restaurants that will serve a rich traditional cuisine during the Wimauma Szabo & Soul Food Tour.

Wimauma’s first farm workers were African Americans. In the 1960s, a Mexican family was brought in to work the fields.
One of the heritage sites to visit is the Wimauma Heritage Cemetery at First Prospect Missionary Baptist Church. A former potter’s field contains the graves of former slaves and World War I veterans. The earliest recorded burial is in 1866.
We won’t list them all, but be sure to visit Lake Wimauma and the South Shore Bay Lagoon.
“This tour is a pilot project, bringing together the old and the new, with something delicious in between,” said Citron. “We hope to develop others in the future.” We are very excited to launch this and interested to see what it brings.”

photo of Ileana Citron
Garcia’s Bakery serves the popular Concha for guests of Wimauma Sabor & Food Tours. Concha is a traditional sweet bread with a very crunchy and sweet cover.

Wimauma Sabor & Soul Food Tours was received by enterprising Latinos with a special grant of $11,472 from the Hillsborough County Cultural Heritage Commission. Other sponsors include PNC Bank, Walmart, Florida Home Partnership, Hillsborough Community College Southshore and Wimauma Together Collaborative.
Tickets sell quickly, so RSVP now to secure your seat.
For more information and to sign up for the Wimauma Sabor & Soul Food Tour, please visit Alternatively, you can reserve a seat with a credit card by calling 813-699-5811. Those needing technical assistance can stop by the Wimauma Opportunity Center at 5128 SR 674, Wimauma.

enterprising latino photos
Enterprising Latina Founder and CEO Liz Guterriez (left) and Deputy Director Illiana Cintron as bilingual trolley tour guides at Wimauma Sabor & Soul Food Tours on August 19, 20, 26 and 27 serve. Events at

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