Retail Influencer Network Announces Speakers for September CEO Forum Featuring Z Suite

New York – (business wire) — The Retail Influencer Network, a dedicated network of senior business leaders, influential investors and analysts founded by Berns Communications Group, today announced the speaker line-up for the Retail Influencer CEO Forum featuring Z Suite. did. During New York Fashion Week on Monday, September 12, 2022, an invitation-only event will be held to provide executive retailers and brand leaders with an in-depth understanding of Gen Z’s values, priorities, and shopping behaviors. A half-day summit will be held.

Featured speakers include advocate and gold medal-winning gymnast Arie Raisman, actress, advocate and digital creator Ellie Seiler, Gen Z business founder, and Aerie, alice + olivia , American Eagle, Bubble, Coach, Forever 21 and Supergoop brand leaders. , True Religion, etc. Discussions will be moderated by prominent national journalists and prominent fashion industry leaders such as Halston’s Creative Director Ken Downing.

Stacey Burns, President and Founder of Burns Communications Group, said: “This forum will allow C-suite executives to hear directly from leading brands that have already built up her ardent Gen Z following, as well as from her influential Gen Z sorts, her leaders and founders themselves. It’s meant to provide an opportunity to be heard.”

The forum brings together senior retail and brand executives, Gen Z’s most influential voices, and participants learn how leading brands are connecting with them and what brands Gen Z buys. give you the opportunity to ask directly what they really want. Members of The Z Suite, an exclusive network of Gen Z thought leaders, participate in discussions throughout the day and share their true perspectives. The Z Suite, which officially launched in June, is co-chaired and managed by Carly Berns, her supervisor at Berns Communications Group, and her supervisor, Felicia Kane.

Confirmed speakers are:

  • Ziad Ahmed, Gen Z CEO, JUV Consulting
  • Amanda Baldwin, CEO, Supergoop!
  • Stacey Bendet, CEO and Creative Director of alice + olivia
  • MaryLeigh Bliss, Chief Content Officer, YPulse
  • Craig Brommers, CMO, American Eagle
  • Emma Butler, Gen Z CEO and Founder, Liberalé
  • Sandra Campos, Executive, Big Lot
  • Halston Creative Director Ken Downing
  • Shai Eisenman, CEO and Founder of Bubble
  • Arianna Ferwada, Generation Z Co-Founder and CEO, Halfdays
  • Jennifer Gootman, Sustainability and Social Impact Officer, Williams-Sonoma
  • Renee Klein, VP, Global Digital Experience and Consumer Marketing, Coach
  • Matt Maher, Futurist and Founder of M7 Innovations
  • Lual Mayen, Founder of Junub Games
  • stacy mccormick Airy Senior Vice President of Marketing
  • Forever 21 CEO Winnie Park
  • Maya Penn, Founder and CEO of Gen Z, Maya’s Ideas
  • Arie Raisman, defender, gold medal gymnast
  • Teresa Watts, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, True Religion
  • Ellie Zeiler, actress, activist and digital creator

The event begins with a VIP lunch. Featuring a conversation with Arie Raisman (Aerie SVP of Marketing Stacey McCormick) and Emma Butler (CEO and founder of Adaptive Her Inner Her brand Liberare) about inclusivity, first company When Ltd. The publisher is Mansuet Ventures. Afternoon sessions will cover Gen Z shopping behavior, sustainability, the metaverse and Web 3.0, how Gen Z is approaching beauty and wellness, how brands communicate their values ​​and social impact, and more. will address the topic of The day will conclude with an invitation-only dinner and discussion in partnership with Jay H. Baker His Retail His Center at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

About the Retail Influencer Network

The Retail Influencer Network is a carefully selected group of senior business leaders, influential investors and analysts whose thought leadership is shaping the global retail industry.

About the Z Suite

Z Suite is an exclusive network of diverse students from top universities and colleges selected to serve as a powerful Gen Z voice in the retail and consumer industries. Created by Berns Communications Group, this generational network of thought leaders works closely with some of the most respected and influential retail and brand leaders in the consumer industry, serving as reverse mentors and Z They share their perspectives and insights on generational habits, values, and priorities. Help bring about positive change across the industry.

About Barnes Communications Group

Barnes Communications Group (BCG) is a women-led company that is committed to strategic communications by building communities and connecting customers with the most influential influencers and thought leaders in retail, fashion, consumer and technology. breaking the mold.

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