Returning college students boosts economic boom in Hattiesburg

Hattiesburg, Mississippi (WDAM) – Hattiesburg has two college campuses, welcomes students back to campus, and business is booming.

Todd Jackson, executive director of the Area Development Partnership (ADP) said:

With such a large influx of students, families and other visitors, many local businesses see a significant increase in sales during the school year.

Accents of Midtown Manager Payton Wilson said: “All of Southern and William Carey have gone home. When school reopens, there will be a significant surplus of girls coming in to buy Greek things, moms, birthdays and girls’ nights. It’s been pretty consistent.” I keep my sexuality.”

More students means more jobs. Some students try to earn extra money throughout the year and find jobs while in town.

Campus Book Mart Manager Kathleen Sick said:

Whether students are at the front of the counter or behind them, they are the driving force behind the growing hub city economy.

“We have about $2 billion in annual retail sales in our local economy here in Hattiesburg. That’s a staggering amount of retail sales, driven primarily by the education sector and the students who come here.” Mr Jackson said.

According to ADP, Hattiesburg has some of the highest concentrations of millennial and Gen Z consumers in the southeastern United States.

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