Richard Sima Joins Post as Health and Wellness Columnist


A note from Wellness Editor Tara Parker Pope:

We are pleased to announce that neuroscientist-turned-science journalist Richard Sima will join The Washington Post’s expanding personal health and wellness team.

In this role, Richard will produce a weekly column on the neuroscience of everyday life, focusing on behavioral health and how issues of the mind affect our physical and mental health.

Richard is a trained neuroscientist with over 10 years of research experience. He attended Harvard University, graduated cum laude in neurobiology, and received a doctorate in neuroscience from Johns Hopkins University. He studied the effects of antidepressants on the fight against fruit flies, Max in Martinsried, Germany. measured the neural activity of His work has advanced our understanding of how the cerebellum, a brain structure traditionally thought to be solely involved in movement, can have unexpected effects on the brain’s auditory system.

His passion for writing prompted Richard to leave academia and pursue a career in science journalism. He writes about the intricacies of elephant trunks, optical illusions, the mental health benefits of reading, and what giant water lilies can teach us about architectural design. His work has been published in The New York Times, National His Geographic, Scientific American, Discover Magazine, and The New His Scientist. He has co-authored academic papers published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Plos One, and the Journal of Community Psychology.

Richard has worked as a fact checker for Vox podcasts, including the award-winning science podcast “Unexplainable.” He was a researcher on National Geographic’s Brain Games: On the Road television show and was his Specialist in Communications at Johns Hopkins’s Brain Science Institute’s International Arts + Mind Lab.

Richard is president of the DC Science Writers Association and co-founder of the Johns Hopkins Science Policy Group, advocating for evidence-based policies to advance science and protect public health.

Richard grew up in East Amherst, New York. He lives in Baltimore with his partner, a medical illustrator, and in his spare time enjoys rock climbing, board games, and spending time with his cats Bruce and Richard. , had already been named before they met. )

Richard’s first day is Monday, August 29th.

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