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Rishi Sunak’s habit of slightly awkward interactions with her daily life continues after she says she enjoys McDonald’s breakfast wraps. McDonald’s breakfast wraps disappeared from the menu of British fast food he chain almost two and a half years ago.

The former prime minister was speaking to ITV’s This Morning program the day after he was photographed at a McDonald’s branch. Again, they seemed to struggle a bit with contactless card payments.

Asked by hosts Rochelle Humes and Andi Peters what he ate, Sunak explained it was around 7:30 am and had a bacon roll with ketchup and pancakes.

“If I stay with my daughters, we can get the rap,” the Conservative leader continued hopefully. If so, it’s hash browns and all that wrap. That’s what we do.”

However, a McDonald’s spokesperson confirmed that the chain stopped selling breakfast wraps in March 2020. publication January of this year.

Sunak’s campaign sources said the wraps were eaten with the children when they were on the menu. McDonald’s at that time. ”

During his time as a minister, especially during Boris Johnson’s succession battle, Sunak and his team have sought to present him as a wealthy ex-banker yet touching voters’ concerns.

A photo shoot for the March budget, when he was still prime minister, showed Sunak refueling a car at a gas station that was later found to have been rented. A photo was taken of me trying to pay by holding it up to my phone.

This morning on Thursday, Sunak received half-mocking applause from inside the studio after the host said his McDonald’s photoshoot showed he successfully paid with a card. he joked.

But images of Sunak holding a card against the contactless payment points of McDonald’s self-order kiosks have raised questions from some observers.

They pointed out that the screen displayed the message ‘Thank you for your order’. This only appears a few seconds after the payment has been processed, showing the slick factor.

In an interview with This Morning, Sunak said Johnson’s last attempt to stay in power “was a little strange” despite the resignation of dozens of cabinet ministers.

Asked if it took too long for Johnson to resign, he said: “In the end it went on for a few days. It was a little strange.

Snack has confirmed that his attempts to contact Johnson have been rebuffed after he resigned as prime minister.

Asked if the prime minister had spoken to him just now, Sunak replied, “No, no. I have reached out to him, but of course he has not responded.”

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