Riverhead Town Board moves one step closer to approving Main Street’s new parking rules

The Riverhead Town Board is one step closer to giving the green light to new parking rules intended to free up space on Main Street.

The biggest change that people will notice immediately is that most of Main Street will go from a 2-hour parking zone to a 1-hour parking zone.

Proponents say it will allow customers to get to nearby businesses faster, but some fear it will make parking in other areas more difficult.

Mike Meservey works at Digger’s Ales N’ Eats, an Irish pub on Main Street in Riverhead.

He said it can be nearly impossible to find parking outside the restaurant, which can alienate some customers.

“Sometimes we go to work in the morning and we can’t find parking. increase.

To ensure more parking spaces, the Town Board is proposing a 2- to 1-hour parking limit on most of Main Street.

There is only a 15-minute limit in particularly busy areas of Main Street.

Long-term parking is available in nearby car parks and side streets, with 3-hour and unlimited parking spaces available.

Proposed Kawamoto parking lot plan
Proposed Kawamoto parking lot plan

Alderman Tim Hubbard, who is spearheading the plan, says changes are needed because more people live downtown.

“We’ve gotten a few new apartment complexes in town over the last few years, and we’re increasingly in need of parking. This is a good problem. But we have to deal with it.” I have to,” he says.

Deanna Murphy lives in one of the new buildings and relies on long-term land to park her car. She worries that new regulations will make it more difficult to find places at the end of the day.

“I think we need more parking for that because people who can’t park on Main Street are already getting hit hard by getting into these parking lots,” she says.

For now, this is still a proposal. The Town Board will hold a hearing on this issue at the Town Hall on October 4.

City Hall is also considering building a parking lot downtown. If a garage is built, it’s not clear whether people will have to pay to park there.

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