Rockland Officials Frustrated by MTA’s Congestion Fee Plan

Officials in Rockland are reeling after the MTA released new details about its long-contested congestion pricing plan on Wednesday.

“This is a horrible idea and nothing more than a tax on suburban residents,” state legislator Mike Lawler said.

Lawler, who is running for Congress this year, has introduced legislation to repeal the plan in 2021, encouraging more state legislators to sign it. He argued that the MTA should do more for the Rockland riders and create a one-seater.

“With this funding, there was no commitment to increase our investment in Rockland County,” he added.

Congestion fees could cost drivers between $9 and $23 to enter below 60th Street in Manhattan, according to the new details. The Traffic Mobility Review Board, which determines costs and waivers, does not have Rockland representatives.

Rockland County executive Ed Day wants to offer free or discounted rates to residents, many of whom work as first responders in the city, he says.

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