Salem County hit-and-run woman reunited with ‘hero’ who chased driver – CBS Philly

Alloway Township, N.J. (CBS) — A South Jersey hit-and-run cyclist was arrested and seriously injured.

Misty Price has had two surgeries and lost confidence that the case would be resolved. It’s all thanks to the Good Samaritan she now calls her hero.

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They met for the first time on Thursday.

Three weeks ago, Price and Sean Crouch were complete strangers.

“It hurts, but I’m sure you’ll be fine,” said Crouch.

On July 10, they happened to be driving on Quinton Alloway Road in Alloway Township when Price was thrown from his bicycle by a hit-and-run driver and was seriously injured.

“I broke my radius and it came out through the skin,” Price said.

Crouch was riding a motorcycle with his wife when he saw the minivan turn and Pryce fell to the ground.

“I slowed down and stopped. I told my wife, Sandy, to get off and call 911 and stay with them. I said,” Crouch said.

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However, when he tried to pursue the driver, Crouch crashed his motorcycle and was airlifted to the hospital.

“I have eight broken ribs and they said they were broken in multiple places. I had a punctured lung and a scar on my liver,” Crouch said. .

But through the pain, Crouch was able to provide the New Jersey State Police with a timeline and a description of the minivan, which helped police solve the case.

“Amazing. My hero,” said Price.

On Thursday, they met for the first time — two strangers who are now linked for life.

“We didn’t go through it together, but we did go through it together,” Crouch said.

Price and Crouch said they plan to go to dinner and introduce their families.

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NJSP says it was able to identify the 36-year-old driver, Jenna Halstead, with Crouch’s help and part of a van left on the road. Jenna Halstead turned herself in last week and is currently facing three criminal charges.

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