Sand Artists Join Penfield Beach for Annual Fairfield PAL Contest

Anyone who has been to Penfield Beach in Fairfield has come across artistic sand castles and sculptures. This is the 23rd Annual Fairfield PAL Sandcastle Contest, and one at a time he’s digging to bring the community together.

Bob Seirup of Fairfield PAL said:

Organizers say it’s a fun way for law enforcement members to get together with the community without uniforms.

“We’re in Fairfield with our two daughters who just got back from camp, making treasure maps,” says Fairfield’s Jason Wilson.

Other participants made sculptures of mermaids and sharks. Some were ambitious and built sofas and boats out of the sand they could sit on.

“We were making a sofa and we were going to call it ‘The Couch Potato,'” says another participant.

Registration was free and prizes were awarded to the winners in various categories.

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