Sanitation inspectors have ordered the sale of pickles, ice cream to stop due to non-functioning hand wash sinks

San Antonio – A recent health checkup reveals a rat-prone convenience store, a Mexican restaurant where employees don’t wash their hands, and a popular fried chicken chain that needs cleaning.

The three businesses had a passing grade in the 80’s, but had some serious health issues that needed attention.

Express Mart #2

Express Mart #2 on the 1900 block of Southwest 19th Street scored an 80 on a recent health check.

A Metro Health inspector reported that the ice machine had accumulated black mold-like debris.

Due to the lack of hand washing sinks that had been removed, inspectors instructed the facility to immediately cease pickle sales and ice bagging on site until the sinks were re-installed.

The ice machine piping also had to be modified to comply with local health codes.

Another sink had blackened moldy debris with a few flies flying around it.

Rodent droppings were observed in the walk-in cooler. Inspectors ordered the store to clean up feces, remove damaged bags, and provide access to a locked back room.


A re-inspection was ordered.

Heradero Mexican Restaurant

Herradero Mexican Restaurant on Block 5800 in South Flores scored 82 points.

Inspectors did not see employees wash their hands during the inspection. He also observed one employee picking up cooked bacon and placing it on a plate without washing his hands or using gloves.

The metal racks used to store clean dishes were dirty with dust and rust.

Seven violations were remedied during inspections, but reinspections were still ordered due to the need to obtain or renew several certifications.

church fried chicken

Church’s Fried Chicken on the corner of Culebra and Garm scored 84.

Inspectors found a package of raw chicken improperly thawed in a bottle of water.

Inspectors also saw employees change jobs, remove dirty gloves, and put on clean gloves without washing their hands.

The fryer vent filter had an excessive buildup of oil, grease and food debris. The employee didn’t know when the filter was last changed.


There was a lot of trash and food debris throughout the business that needed cleaning, and the entire floor needed to be well swept and mopped, the report said.

A re-inspection was ordered.

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