Sauce Magazine’s 8th Annual Alton Food Truck Festival

ALTON — One band, 19 food trucks, and thousands of people filled the Liberty Bank Alton Amphitheater on Saturday at the 8th annual Alton Food Truck Festival, hosted by Sauce Magazine.

Alton Amphitheater Commission chairman Dan Herkert said Saturday that organizers expect more than 6,000 people to attend the entire event.

“We have a lot of people. We couldn’t have asked for better weather,” said Herkert. “The crowd was great, nothing was too much trouble.”

Herkert said the event was one short of the planned 20 food trucks because one of the attendees broke down. He said the challenges come every year.

Herkert said the festival started in 2014 with 12 trucks and has been held annually since then with about 19 to 22 trucks.

“This is clearly one of the most popular events of the year. People look forward to it every year and we couldn’t be happier.

“We did a lot of work,” he said. “At the end of this season, we will start planning for next year.”

Alton’s Mickayla Ottwell and her family were among thousands enjoying the music, food and weather on Saturday.

“We came last year and loved it,” said Otwell, who was waiting in line for a food truck with her children. Her husband was in another line with another child. said he plans to buy ice cream in yet another truck afterwards.

According to some participants, one of the festival’s attractions is its diversity. Some people come to listen to music provided by Groove Thang on Saturdays.

Alton’s Tracy Cooley says the ability to sample different foods, try new dishes, and the social aspect is what draws her to the event each year.

“She’s looking forward to it,” said her husband Andri. She keeps up with the events happening in Alton. It’s a beautiful day here today.

“I wish I could do more, but this is great,” he said. “You can tell by looking at people’s faces that they are having fun.”

Upcoming events at the Liberty Bank Alton Amphitheater include the Alton Jazz and Wine Festival on September 3rd and the Alton Expo starting September 8th.

For a complete schedule of upcoming events, visit www.libertybankamphitheater.

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