SCAD Announces Formation of New School Related to Film and Entertainment Industry

Courtesy SCAD School of Film and Acting

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) has established four schools related to the film and entertainment industry. This is her $4.4 billion industry for Georgia.

SCAD announced this week that it will form the School of Creative Technology, School of Animation and Motion, School of Film and Acting, and School of Visual Communication. They will participate in the recently announced De Sole School of Business Innovation.

SCAD President and Founder Paula Wallace said in a press release: “Our brilliance never rests. SCAD offers degree programs that didn’t even exist before SCAD invented them. Research courses belong in a class of their own, which is why we are proud to announce the creation of the SCAD School of Creative Technologies, the Shangri-La for STEM students around the world, the newly formed School of Animation and Motion. , School of Film and Acting, School of Visual Communication.The future lives here at SCAD.”

The School of Creative Technology offers courses in immersive reality, interactive design, game development and thematic entertainment design, while the School of Animation and Motion It brings together the university’s top-ranked animation, motion media design, and visual effects programs.

The School of Film and Acting will utilize the SCAD casting office, the college’s new film backlot in Savannah, and mixed reality (XR) stages in Savannah and Atlanta. The School of Visual Communication includes the University’s Illustration, Photography, and Sequential Arts programs.

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