Scott Bo focuses on the economy to win back California House seat from Democratic Rep. Katie Porter

California Republican Scott Boe has blamed high inflation on Democrat policies and has promised to cut federal spending to dethrone Democratic Rep. Katie Porter. there is

A former California congressman, whose campaign focuses on economic bailouts, tying opposition to big government and rising costs of living, he ran against second-term Democrats in November. I am preparing to

“If voters like high inflation and high gas prices and open borders, they may stick with Porter. told to

The Battle of California’s District 47 in Orange County is one of the most competitive races in the country.

Mr. Bowe, 60, is a staunch conservative with a policy of small government who has quickly risen to prominence among liberals and stands in contrast to Mr. Porter, deputy chairman of the Congressional Progressive Party Caucus.

Bo put the push for limited government at the center of his campaign, blaming the expansion of federal programs and trillions of dollars in spending for rising costs that remain voters’ biggest concern heading into November. is doing.

“Stopping this madness is not for the government to jump at every problem to try and solve every problem facing America. That’s not the government’s role,” Bo said.

Mr. Baugh is a business owner and attorney, former chairman of the Orange County Republican Party and former chairman of the California Legislative Party.

He is one of the “Young Guns” of the Republican National Committee. It’s aimed at supporting leading Republican candidates, with the tools they need to steal key seats.

The Republican campaign branch of the House of Representatives has targeted Porter heavily by tying her to far-left ideologies such as inflation, economic uncertainty, and even police advocacy.

Republicans have armed themselves with Mr. Porter’s rhetoric, which he wrote in a Politico article earlier this year to express his shock when the price of a pound of pork at the grocery store soared to $9.99. They accuse her of being estranged from her everyday American life.

Porter, a 48-year-old single mother, has said she is struggling to manage her finances in this economic climate, criticizing her party for being slow to respond to inflation.

“What I want to tell my colleagues and reporters is that food prices are a big issue for families. I’m spending my time,” Porter tweeted.

Mr. Porter’s campaign did not request comment for this story.

Republicans have tried to link Mr. Porter to the economic concerns of the American people, while Democrats have portrayed him as extreme on social issues such as abortion and LGBT rights.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has linked Bo to the Supreme Court ruling that overturned the Roe v. Wade ruling, using Bo’s remarks to say marriage should be between a man and a woman. thought, portraying him as an enemy of women and homosexuals. community.

The DCCC has also targeted Mr. Bo’s past and charged him with four felonies while he was a state legislator in 1996 for allegedly falsifying campaign reports and concealing the source of campaign funds. indicted.

The campaign finance charges were ultimately dismissed by the California Attorney General and the state Supreme Court.

Bo defeated three Republican candidates in California’s independent primary on June 7, winning about 30% of the vote. Mr. Porter won his little over 50% of the vote.

Bo said he was confident Republicans could switch seats. Because Republicans can campaign against Porter’s record in Congress.

“Porter has never been properly introduced to district offices. They don’t know you’re in favor,” Bo said. “If voters were properly introduced to her policies, we would see a different result.”

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