Selden family sues NYPD officer for $20 million in road rage incident

An attorney representing Selden’s family says his client is suing NYPD officers for $20 million in a street riot.

NYPD officer Douglas Devonette, 32, pulled a gun on his neighbor Devon Thyme while he was on the family property, according to the Thyme family attorney David Woisick. Woisick says Devonette requested to speak to a member of his family, Dillon Thyme.

The family claims that officers who live in Suffolk County tracked their son’s car earlier in the day because they believed their home was being investigated.

According to the Thyme family, Devonette then punched Dillon Thyme in the side mirror of his car while he was stopped at a traffic light.

“We don’t really feel safe,” says Devon Thyme.

The family is currently under a protective order against Devonette.

Woyick claims that Tymes’ civil rights have been violated and that he is the only black family member on the block.

“It’s really scary what we people of color have to put up with,” says Devon Thyme.

Debonet has refused to speak on camera with News 12. Neighbors on the bus claim the wrong photo of the officer was painted.

Suffolk County Police arrested Devonette for harassment and intimidation.

The family wants additional charges, including civil rights violations, unauthorized use of weapons, trespassing, and assault.

“I think there’s more to the story than what’s out there,” Sean Kuhn says.

News 12 asked the NYPD for a statement, but as of 5 p.m., had not heard back.

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